How Long Is Short Term Parking at Albany Airport?

If you plan to bring your own car for reaching Albany airport, you need to learn about some parking spots in this airport. You need to do research completely before you choose your parking spot. This detailed research can save your time before your flight.

There are four parking options that are offered by this airport, including short term parking, long term parking, economy E-lot, and also valet parking. Here is some important information that you should know about these parking areas.

1. Short Term Parking

This parking space is specially designed for you who want to park your car for a few hours. This short-term parking is valid for one day. This space is suitable for all passengers who want to be away in less than a day. This place is located across from the terminal. It is on the first level of the Albany airport parking garage.

You are allowed to drop off any passengers in this area for free. This parking area is free for the first 30 minutes. If you stay in this area for more than 30 minutes, you should pay for the parking area. This short-term parking space costs about $24 per day. It is recommended for you to book your space in this area because many people love to park their cars in this convenient area.

2. Long Term Parking

If you need to park your car for more than a day, you should consider this area. This lot is located behind the Albany airport parking garage. There are also two additional long-term parking spaces that are located at the west and east ends of the Albany airport terminal. These east and west parking lots are for credit card and EZ-Pass users only.

This long-term parking space is more affordable than the short-term lot. You only need to pay for $10 per day when you use this parking space in Albany airport. This space is opened for 24 hours a day and also 7 days a week. It can give you flexibility when you want to choose the best parking space in Albany airport.

3. Economy E-Lot

This parking space is suitable for you who are looking for an affordable place to park your car. This space only costs about $6 per day. This affordable cost is all passengers who want to park their cars without spending too much of their money. This lot can be accessed from the Albany-Shaker road.

When you park your car here, you are allowed to take the Free shuttle service to and from the Albany airport terminal. This parking lot is available for 24 hours a day. You should understand that this place only accepts credit cards and also EZ-Pass for paying the cost of the parking lot.

Albany airport also offers valet service for all passengers. This valet parking space is located in the long-term parking lot. You only need to leave your car with the operators of the parking lot. They are going to note your return date, so they can prepare your car on your arrival date.

If you need to get even more information about Albany airport parking space, you can visit This website has all updated information that you might need.