Simple Ideas To Refresh Your Instagram

Instagram has become one of the most widely used social media platforms and millions of users come online to interact with different accounts and people every single day. Since trends and topics are always changing in today’s world, your account might appear dated to your audience or boring in your eyes. It may be time to refresh the look of your account to look more according to your tastes and the general norm of the people online to keep a steady growth in your activities.

Having a large audience is what most users aspire to have, it is vital to understand the importance of growing your followers, who regularly engage with your activities and content. Using the help of the top Instagram growth service in 2022 would help significantly improve your following and overall engagements on your account.

This article will highlight ways how to refresh your content on Instagram and switch focus completely, for instance, how to start a travel Instagram account when previously your content catered to a different audience. 

Look into Other Accounts

Explore the different accounts you would like to refresh your account into, gain inspiration from their activities, and how they attract audiences to the account. Observe their feed and understand what is unique in their content that you would like to adopt in your posts, and how they make their content relatable and fresh for the users. 

Use Stories

Although regular posts are the most important aspect of an account, people love to watch Instagram stories as they are an interesting way of exhibiting a person’s life without a professional and cohesive approach when making posts. Incorporating more stories is an excellent way to improve the overall outlook on an account and make it achieve a fresher look. 

Use a Newer Color Scheme and Fonts

Explore different color scheme options for your posts. Make sure they are what is appreciated by your audience and satisfy your desire at the same time. A color scheme change can greatly improve the overall look of an account and make it much more attractive. Integrating a new font into your posts can further improve the appearance of posts and make them look much more unique to the public. 

Show behind the scenes

Followers love to know more about an account’s activity and are more involved in the post-creation process. Showing frequent behind-the-scenes pictures or short videos will give a fresh new perspective on your content and unlock newer posting ideas for you to explore. A fresh new look will be achieved for your account, encouraging more interaction and response from your followers. 

Refresh Your Activities

Having a fresh new perspective on your posts will significantly improve the content you post and appear less boring to the audience. For instance, introduce giveaways for your followers by initiating a call to action for your followers, this will change your account’s approach and make content more interesting. This will also encourage more engagements and interactions with the followers than before. Another way would be to look into sponsoring brands’ products or exploring the affiliate marketing scene. A new strategy will be adopted by your account, the content will be posted with fresh new meaning and motivation behind its making. 

These methods will ensure your content is fresh and related to the latest trends and interests of the audience.