TOP 6 Lauderdale by The Sea Restaurants

The food industry is a buzz right now in many countries, amazing restaurants have come up and new trends within this industry. For every traveller, food, accommodation and entertainment are priorities. Finding a place to enjoy all this without a hustle is quite a task and it requires good research before finally getting this place. While in Florida though, you are sorted at the Lauderdale town.
It stretches up to 2.5 miles along the beautiful beaches of Florida. Apart from this beautiful and scenic views of the beach, the Lauderdale has various activities to be enjoyed by individuals, families, corporate groups and everybody else.

Today, let’s take a look at the best Lauderdale by the sea restaurants.

1. First Watch
Although it has no view of the beach, the First watch is the place to sit and relax as you enjoy the air of the sea. They major on local American cuisine but this does not mean you are limited to this, they prioritize on fresh and healthy foods for their customers.

Their service is great and you can have anything on the menu any time of the day.

2. 101 Ocean
To win a certificate of excellence in the restaurant industry, you must be the best among the very best, well, 101 Ocean has definitely managed to maintain this status since 2015 to date. They offer American Cuisine and also have a bar, they, unfortunately, are not open for breakfast. Another perk is that the restaurant is in the center of Ft. Lauderdale and in a walking distance to the ocean. While here you should try their happy hour at the bar outside while you enjoy the breeze from the ocean.

3. Greek Island Taverna “The New Chambers”
It has been praised for its fast and efficient service. They bring Greece to the people in Ft. Lauderdale with their Greek Cuisine including the Souvlaki and Moussaka. The restaurant prides itself in its providence of a family atmosphere, unlike most other restaurants. The New Chambers’ laid-back atmosphere is ideal for you if you are looking to catch up with friends and have a fun time with family.

4. Sea Watch on the Ocean

Sitting on 3 acres of beautiful and scenic Atlantic beach, the Sea Watch is a historic landmark restaurant in Fort Lauderdale. It has very serene and spectacular oceanfront views and is most popular for its signature seafood dishes. It is also a walking distance from the Atlantic Ocean.

5. Shooters Waterfront
Located 2.5 miles from Fort Lauderdale Beach, the Shooters is ideal for family time. Although American, the Shooters explore and serve their client’s different cuisines and their menu is an adventure to other parts of the world.

6. Mai-Kai Restaurant
From their incredible food and entertainment shows, this is the place to enjoy your holiday. They offer American and Asian cuisines and their Banquets offers are the best in the area.
Whenever you visit Florida, the Lauderdale by the sea restaurants is the place to dine and rest.

They have the best prices for every person’s budget and taste. These restaurants are just a representation of others that are ready to make your time here memorable.