Ways to Get More Instagram Followers In 2020

There are many different and unique ways to increase followers on Instagram. However, it must be noted that getting fake followers and automated bots might be something very harmful to your Instagram account, especially in the long run. This is because such a move gives a very negative impression of your business in general. Typically, when people see that the followers they have are just bots, they want to get rid of them and usually search the web on how to unfollow Instagram PC.
Of course, you can increase the number of followers in simple, short ways not using bots. These tips and tricks have proved to be beneficial for many people up till now. All the tips and techniques are going to be discussed in great detail below.

Make Your Account Public

This is perhaps the most basic step without which getting more followers might be a problem. When you make your account public more people will be able to reach you and browse through the type of content you post. This will enable them to follow you based primarily on the quality of your work

Use Instagram Growth Services

Using Instagram Growth Services is one of the most effective ways of getting more organic followers. Such services enable you to get hold of more followers who are not only genuine but are also interested in your particular niche. If you think some of the followers are bots or are automated, you can always unfollow on Instagram.

Make Engaging Content

Getting more followers is only possible if you keep on posting engaging content more consistently. This enables people to get involved in what you post. You can never expect to increase your followers by having an account that doesn’t have content that is posted regularly.

Use Hashtags

It cannot be emphasized enough how simple and important using hashtags is. This is a very effective tool in making sure more people get to see the content you have posted. Using the relevant and attractive hashtags can expose your account to genuine followers who would end up following your account.

Collaborate with Influencers

Social Influencers can really help you up your game by quite a bit. If you collaborate with the right type of Instagram celebrities or people with a huge fan following, you can potentially capture their followers to end up following your account as well.

Use Stories

Instagram is not only about posting content. You can also use stories and create story highlights to come up with short interesting things that will allow more people to see what you’re up to. This would create a lot of positive impact on your account

Go Live

Using Instagram Live feature is another brilliant way to engaging your customers online. You can ask questions from your audience or even allow them to ask some things from you. You can hold a short informational session, a webinar, or anything that might interest your specific audience. This would make your audience more involved and in a way influence them into putting in a positive word of mouth for your account.

Other Ways

There are many other ways to increase your followers. Some of these steps include: Conducting giveaways, posting sponsored content, promoting cross-platform content, sharing content on different mediums as well as by optimizing your posts.